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Enterprise solutions are software applications that allow people to access and manage real-time information and transaction processes across an entire organization. Our enterprise solutions help our customers achieve high performance. Our innovative solutions deliver value by increasing process efficiency, enhancing workforce productivity, cutting operating costs, boosting employee and customer satisfaction, and enabling better, faster decisions.

Product under Development

E-vertice is a distributed collaborative workspace based on JXTA P2P platform. What sets E-vertice apart, and makes it interesting from a distributed standpoint, is the absence of a central server for regulating processes or for storage of data. To complete its pervasive utility, E-vertice comes equipped with a set of utility components / tools for "Discussion", "Instant Messaging", "File Sharing", "Calendaring", etc. It provides a real-time, person-to-person collaboration - especially within the organization. Inviting other people to join in a conversation is as simple as sending an email or an instant message. The platform automatically detects clients within its installed Local Network (Enterprise). From a user's perspective, the absence of a central server hugely simplifies the cumbersome administrative barriers that are associated with joining, say, a Lotus Notes discussion forum, especially if the participants are from different companies or geographies.

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Fast, practical, and comprehensive weather application. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Stormrase provides immediate access to the most relevant Weather Forecasts and Weather Alerts for the United States, its territories, adjacent waters and ocean areas, courtesy of the official NOAA NWS network ( Proven powerful access to all the essential NOAA weather components. Free automatic real-time weather alert notifications for multiple alert areas, everything you need is already included.


TekCaring offers many of the features you would expect in an application for caregivers, this is not strictly a web based application, you can run this on any device with a little configuration. That means that you can access it with any modern, internet connected smartphones and tablets. For those looking for a caregiving guide, TekCaring is an excellent alternative to a heavy reference book. It is also about medications. It has a detailed medication management support, including tracking doses, dosage, refills and so on. This application is highly flexible and makes no cookie-cutter assumptions about the user and his or her needs. You can create to-do list and journals and also can track anything and everything you like (i.e. weight over time, mood, etc.). You can also connect with other family members and share information and responsibilities. This is one comprehensive application covering many requirements.


Using SchoolFarm application you can keep your school running smoothly with ACTIVE Educate school management software. From payments to reporting, our solutions will help you maximize registrations. It will save time and administrative costs by processing payments online instead of cashing paper checks. You can use email features to keep in touch with staff and volunteers collectively or separately and also can assign access and administrative rights to this software for individual staff members. You can use the custom reporting to make data-driven decisions that will make the biggest difference to your school and also you can download reports into Excel documents.


Schooler Application is an effortless ready to use solution with no installation. An easy to use interactive web and mobile based application to enrich each user with great user experience. As per our users, they are at more ease compare to traditional system based ERPs. With cloud technology Schooler application helps store and access data & application over the Internet instead of your computer's hard drive. With this staff and parents can access the student info. from any location anytime 24 x 7. Schooler Application is a solution, based on cloud technology. So no need to be afraid anymore if your hard drive crash or pc breakdown or get stolen. Your data is always safe on online cloud, login from any other computer and have access to your complete data. Schooler Application provides various type of login for school staff members as per their roles and responsibilities e.g. admin login, teacher login, transport officier, etc. Only those features that a staff has permission to access will be displayed to him/her.


Ratna is a vendor management system which is an Internet-enabled, often Web-based application that acts as a mechanism for business to manage and procure staffing services – temporary, and, in some cases, permanent placement services – as well as outside contract or contingent labor. Typical features of this application include order distribution, consolidated billing and significant enhancements in reporting capability that outperforms manual systems and processes. Ratna provides one cloud-based system for all supplier payment processes including payee on-boarding, tax form collection and validation, payee payment method and currency selection, global remittance, payee payment status communication, payment reconciliation and tax filing preparation reports. You can manage Vendors and Contracts, receive automated alerts of key dates, monitor risk, manage workload and store files and messages - all in one place - company wide. It also allows organizations to effectively track supplier performance, perform evaluations, assign ratings and drive continual performance improvement.


C-Wave Application generates periodogram of sea surface via fast Fourie transform procedure and then calculates statistically stable estimations of derived spectrum. In order to suppression of side lobes level and increasing of spectrum estimations smoothness the dedicated weighting functions and spatial filtering are used. Based on analysis of sea waves parameters software has ability to create the map of spatial distribution of near-water wind under hypothese that the spectrum of developed sea waves is described by Pierson-Moskowitz distribution. In practice this condition is satisfied if the wind blew steadily for a long time over a large area and the waves come into equilibrium with the wind. In this case the wave structure must be seen clearly on radar image that is necessary condition for qualitative processing.


TechieTen helps you to keep track your software assets, such as version, installation or purchase date, latest software updates, and more. Track hardware details, such as purchase date, usage, warranty expiration date, and location. This actionable data helps you decide if you should replace old or faulty hardware, and more. Manage vendor contracts and familiarize yourself with contracts, purchase orders, and expiration details. Having this information in your asset management system makes it easy to know when to extend or renew a contract with your vendor or hardware/software provider. You can quickly and accurately report on asset inventory with charts and tables. Built-in reports show current asset usage along with model number, last update dates, names of admins who installed the updates, total resources used, unused hardware, etc. You can even select a specific server and generate reports on all the software and hardware resources that are associated with it.


VaterDrop applicationallows you to get information about your water consumption anytime, anywhere. It’s fast, easy, and convenient. If your home, apartment, or business has a smart meter, you can get information 24/7 about how much water you’re using – and how much it’s costing you. And also it keeps a history of your water meter readings provides an instant overview of your usage and whether you are keeping within your target. Whether your target has been set by local water companies or you just want to save money, VaterDrop application will help you meet those targets. VaterDrop application improve the accuracy, ease, and functionality of your water maintenance program by using the VaterDrop application. VaterDrop captures test strip results with your iPhone camera and uses sophisticated image analysis and an intelligent treatment calculator to generate customized treatment plans for your pool or spa.


Techling is an excellent application for restaurant managers who thrive on data. Use this application to track your restaurant inventory or cleaning supplies; record weekly employee timesheets; batch QuickBooks invoices; and more. All forms can be downloaded to any database or spreadsheet format, or exported as a PDF document. It integrates all related aspects like sales, order capture, payment processing, and customer relationship management. You can also showcase your amazing food, restaurant ambiance, location, and personality. Set up a regular schedule to pin your own collateral – beautifully plated meals, location shots, and more – and to repin, like and comment other content. You’ll gain followers, recognition and guests. And also this application handles your reservations, wait list, and eventual seating by sending updates and alerts to waiting guest via their iPhone or Android phones.