About Us

M2M Technologies was incorporated in 2008 with a few but dedicated professionals, has emerged as a major player in the Information Technology industry. M2M Technologies has demonstrated a remarkable ability to respond to the rapidly changing business environment, while maintaining constant growth.


Our success can be attributed to the ability of the people to move beyond traditional barriers in today’s competitive environment and provide innovative solutions, which are both timely and cost effective.


Although there are trends and developments shared by every industry, each segment presents its own set of challenges. As a Software Development firm, we have dedicated ourselves to becoming unrivalled industry experts in most major fields. We have specialists in wide range of disciplines in Information Technology Industry. With an in-depth understanding of the market and the industry, our specialists foresee specific developments on how best to proceed.

  • Directing and focusing the company to emerge as leading global software solution provider with enhanced development capabilities.
  • Defining relevant and robust measures of performance.
  • Managing the business resources so as to maximize customer value.
  • Provides a best solution with the state of the art technology and always be the quality product developer.
Our People

We understand the success of the company rests in the ability to attract and retain the most talented professionals in the industry. We believe that human asset value is to be increased on a continuous basis by continually upgrading their knowledge and skills.


Top management of M2M Technologies includes professionals having more than 15 years of experience in the field. The company employs the well-qualified professionals with extensive experience in executing IT projects.


Our professionals have an average technical experience of 5 years. Engineering degree is often the basic qualification but many of the professionals also have a four-year graduate degree in computer science. We draw our talent from some of the most respected institutions from USA and globally.


Our Approach to Enterprise Solutions

- Deep Industry Knowledge
- Deep Software Package Knowledge
- Enterprise Integration Experience

Our Functional Expertise

- Enterprise Portal Solution
- Sales Force Automation
- Enterprise Resource Planning